Storm Cell off the Coast of Virginia at Virginia Beach
Arnel Gonce Photography

Storm Cell off the Coast of Virginia at Virginia Beach

Magnificent cloud formation surrounding a distant storm off the coast of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Image taken with a Canon 5DMIII, and a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens at ISA 50 and 1/4000 of a second. Post processing performed in Adobe Photoshot and Alien Skin Exposures. The sky was an eery unnatural aqua color, and the ocean, churned up by the storms of the week had turned an ugly brown, so I choose to render this photograph as a black and white. This decision did not disappoint, as it brought out the shades of grey in the image brilliantly. Virginia Beach in the Spring is one of my favorite places to photograph as the frequent storms there do not disappoint the captures that come out of my camera. The rain storm in the distance seems to emanate from the black underside of the clouds above, dropping a funnel of water to the ocean. Waves crash at the bottom of the seascape image, and the ocean in general is fairly calm with few whitecaps.  Photographing spring storms in Virginia beach can be unpredictable as not every spring brings such beautiful storms.  When they do, the sunsets and sunrises are gorgeous, lighting the sky with brilliant colors.

Location: Virginia Beach.