Bridal Portrait between columns at UVA, Charlottesville
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Bridal Portrait between columns at UVA, Charlottesville

Wedding photo studios often taken advantage of outdoor locations for inspiring photographs to please their wedding clients. Professional photo shoots in Charlottesville frequently use Thomas Jeffersons University of Virginia architecture for professional photos to satisfy budget wedding photography needs, as there is no charge to photograph here. Great portrait photographers will use the natural leading lines, as in this bridal portrait photograph to create a standout image. Photographers near me recognize the hidden opportunities for matrimony photography at photography sites, in addition to photography studio images. Because there is no charge to photograph on the UVA campus wedding photo packages will not incur a location upcharge. To find a wedding photographer who can create fine art wedding photography, can be a daunting task, especially when looking for affordable wedding photography. I strive to create beautiful bridal photos to display on my wedding photography websites. This bride chose the University of Virginia as the location for her bridal photos, and her pre-wedding photography. Her dress, by Augusta Jones Bridal, is a beautiful mermaid style wedding gown with beading and covered buttons down the back. Creative wedding photographers will make photographing the details of the wedding dress a priority for the bride. This image was captured with a Canon 5DMIII and a Canon 70-200mm F/2.8L II lens.

Location: Charlottesville.